I’m no expert, but what an annual report!

In searching online for articles and items related to Investor Relations, one site in particular caught my eye.  I had just finished reading The Incredible Shrinking Annual Report from Andrea’s Google Docs and when I stumbled across blogger David Lee King’s site. He’s just a random, talented dude who happens to work in the media department of a Public Library in small-town USA.

Following the corporate trend, he and his team created an online annual report for 2009.  No big deal, right?

Well, I’m no expert on annual reports but I believe King and his team at Topeka Public Library have managed to do more than just put together their facts and findings for the last year.  They have created a beautifully represented story of the important events, the positive growth figures, and their appreciation to the community members that keep this Public Library an essential element in their town.

Viewing their online annual report made me want to get involved with our Public Library here as well as take a trip to visit their public library in Topeka, Kansas… how many businesses can say their annual report spikes an interest in tourism?  I would bet that the shareholders for Topeka’s Public Library actually took the time to check out the 2009 annual report, and even more so, they probably thoroughly enjoyed themselves too!

Maybe the scene is changing in how annual reports are set up in these new economic and post-scandalous times where companies need to be more transparent and bare-bones on the spending.  No more flashy, high-gloss packages being mailed out to shareholders by the hundreds, thousands or more.  But if more annual reports were produced in the online fashion like the King and his crew did for their library, there could likely be a revival in the interest for annual reports.  And their reach to unsuspecting viewers such as you and me would be an added bonus.

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  1. Hey – thanks for the kind words!

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